We have one of the most experienced Hygiene departments. Our hygiene teams include Pham Chau, Elvira Khalil & Joanne Torres who are very proficient in the areas of Soft Tissue Management & Periodontal Therapy. Periodontal or Gum disease is one of the most prevalent and the root cause of long term tooth failure and our hygiene department is very instrumental in educating our patients about the prevention and mitigation of this commonly seen condition.


Front Office

Each member of our Front office team is cross trained to assist the needs of our patients. Even though we have dedicated individuals as Treatment Coordinators, Hygiene Coordinators, Phone coordinators and Reception Coordinators, they are all cross trained to help our patients with any aspect of their dental care.


Back Office

All our dental assistants are certified RDAs and some have taken the Extended Functions certification exam. We have a very tenured Back Office & Front Office staff and we believe that our happy employees, make for a happy office which translates to happy patients.