Tired of wearing dentures? Are your teeth too broken-down to chew your food? Get Beautiful, Fixed-In Replacement Teeth with


Dr. Sandhya Hegde can give patients stable, permanently fixed-in new teeth in one day using a comfortable and minimally invasive procedure. With this economical and lasting teeth replacement option, bone is preserved and patients can eat what they want!

When Jerry came to Dr. Hegde’soffice, he knew he needed all his teeth extracted, and he was pretty sure he was going to end up with dentures. But he found out that dentures were not his only option. “What I didn’t know was that you could have the new teeth attached to implants, and that they become your “real” teeth!,” says Jerry. “Dr. Hegde explained all the different types of dentures, and I chose the implant-supported ones. I am So happy I did!”

One-Day Procedure

Thanks to modern technology, patients like Jerry can get extractions and lifelike new teeth during a one-day procedure using digital scans and CAD/CAM technology. “Many patients can receive extractions, implants and new teeth all in the same visit.” says Dr. Hegde. “They walk out with heathly teeth, and are able to smile again with confidence.”

How the Procedure Works

The New Teeth In One Day procedure makes use of dense, healthy bone in the jaw, typically located in the front of the mouth near the nose and chin. The procedure uses long, angled implants to engage the healthy, stable bone that is available in the front of the jaw, avoiding lengthy bone grafting procedures.

Dr. Hegde works with excellent dental labs and technicians to provide high-quality teeth that fit and function properly and that will last a long time. The teeth are made from ultra-strong and lifelike zirconia porcelain, and they are custom made for size, shape, and color.

High-Tech, Minimally Invasive Treatment

Vital to the success of the New Teeth in One Day procedure is the ability to view the structures of the mouth in 360-degree view, using a state-of-the-art 3D dental scanner. Using the 3D images captured by the scanner, Dr. Hegde carefully plans the surgery in 3D treatment planning software. In order to make the placement of the implants highly accurate and efficient, she then fabricates a computer-generated surgical guide that indicates the exact angles and positions of each implant.

Thanks to Dr. Hegde’s careful planning and use of surgical guides, the surgery itself is smooth and efficient. There is no need for exploratory surgery, and post-treatment discomfort is minimal.

Comfortable, Affordable Care

For most patients in need of extensive dental work, financial barriers and fear of pain are the biggest obstacles to getting treatment. Dr. Hegde makes it as easy as possible for patients to receive the care they need. She makes sure that the patients are comfortable at all times during the procedure and offers various levels of sedation, including IV sedation. Low-interest financing is available.

Benefits of New Teeth In One Day

  • The entire procedure is completed in one day, including any extractions, implant placement and tooth attachment.
  • Generally no bone grafting is needed.
  • The patient receives stable, fixed-in teeth that never need to be removed, other than for professional cleaning and occasional maintenance.
  • Patients get back nearly 100 percent of natural chewing power.
  • The ability to chew normally keep the bone stimulated, preventing bone loss and eventual “collapse” of the lower part of the face.
  • New Teeth in One Day can be the most economical full-arch, fixed-in tooth replacement option.
  • New Teeth In One Fay is fairly easy to maintain with regular home care and professional care.