Visits to the dentist can sometimes be painful. The use of dental drills calls for lots of friction, pressure and heat that can often make dental treatment uncomfortable. WaterlaseMD™ is a new and improved way to perform dental procedures using a bit of water and laser energy. Without the pain that is associated with a dental drill, many, but not all dental procedures can now proceed with the use of little or no anesthetic.

Due to its wide variety of uses, Waterlase iPlus can be used for a many different procedures. This allows the dentists to perform more procedures and prevent patient anxiety associated with the need to refer to other places for treatment. With Waterlase™, endodontic, periodontic and other specialty treatment can now be done in one office to prevent the need to go elsewhere.


  • Allows for stress-free and pain-free dental procedures
  • Use of little or no anesthetic
  • Minimally invasive – return to daily routines faster
  • Decreases risk of cross-contamination
  • Offers fewer visits to the dentist, saving time
  • No drills and needles in many cases.