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Break these 5 Oral Habits for a Beautiful Smile

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“A smile is the universal welcome,” said the American writer Max Eastman. Well! It is indeed true. It is a language that everyone understands without an exchange of words. Besides, your smile adds charm to your personality and helps increase self-confidence. That is why you should take care of your smile by adopting a few oral habits that can make your smile. Which are these? Let’s discuss.

1. Regular dental care
Regular dental care includes maintaining everyday oral hygiene and visiting a dentist for deep cleaning your teeth every six months. Not only should you brush and floss your teeth twice every day, but you should also go for a routine dental check-up and maintenance to ensure good oral health. Lack of regular dental care may lead to toothache, tooth decay, gum diseases, and bad breath. Besides, bad oral health habits put your overall health at risk too.

2. Brushing your teeth optimally
Avoid going overboard when it comes to brushing your teeth. Too much pressure or brushing too long does not mean better cleaning or whiter teeth. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing for two minutes, twice daily. Similarly, be gentle when you brush your teeth. Use the correct technique instead of moving the brush vigorously in your mouth. So, what happens when you overbrush your teeth? It can lead to toothbrush abrasion, which means damage to the enamel on the teeth leading to bad teeth because of sensitivity and receding gums.

3. Moderation in sugar and acidic foods
When you consume large amounts of soda, carbonated drinks, sports drinks, and alcohol, sugar content in these products feeds bacteria, erodes enamel, and makes your teeth susceptible to cavities. The same is true for other sugary foods such as chocolates, donuts, ice creams, cakes, etc. Similarly, acids in alcohol and other acidic drinks dry out the mouth, reduce saliva production, and allow bacteria and plaque to grow.

4. Avoiding tobacco
It is common knowledge that smoking cigarettes, cigars, or chewing tobacco stains your teeth. But the damage is not limited to your teeth turning yellow and developing brown spots and patches. Tobacco consumption is one of the leading causes of oral cancer. Tobacco releases carcinogens that directly affect your gum tissues and can remain there long enough to damage your oral health. If you are addicted to tobacco use, seek professional help. If tobacco has already damaged your teeth, you may search online for cosmetic dentists near me and visit one at the earliest.

5. Being congnizant of bite force
Human teeth are surprisingly strong. They can exert approximately 200 pounds of pressure when you bite down. But that does not mean you have to experiment and bite foreign objects using your teeth. It is a no-no in the list of good oral health habits, because it gives bacteria a free pass into your mouth and may cause infections. In addition, it may also result in chipping and micro-cracks in your teeth—the latter going unnoticed until a dental visit.

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