Metal-free Fillings, Crowns and Bridges

Metal Free Fillings

What are metal-free fillings?

Gone are the days when traditional black amalgam fillings were the only option patients had. These conventional fillings would leave the patients with noticeable black marks on their teeth after getting cavities sealed. Bonita Family Dental offers an alternative, metal-free fillings that protect your oral health and overall well-being at the same time. We also provide this service in Chula Vista region. With advancements in dental material and technology, metal-free fillings are becoming the go-to solution in cosmetic dentistry.

Why should you opt for metal-free fillings crowns and bridges?

The metals used in fillings contain harmful elements such as mercury and silver – which can be detrimental to the patient's overall health. Metal fillings can also emit electric currents that can lead to health issues. Metal fillings are not even effective when it comes to preventing tooth decay in their tracks. Tooth decay still can develop underneath them.

Porcelain and other tooth-colored resins have become popular when it comes to restoring teeth, metal is still often the material of choice. However, metal fillings and other dental work can be unsafe for your smile and your general health. Whereas, metal-free crowns and bridges will lead to safer smiles, better appearance, and fewer chances of developing an allergy.

Benefits of metal-free crowns and bridges

  • Aesthetic appeal: Non-metal fillings, especially composite resin fillings, match the color of your teeth and therefore looks natural and appealing.
  • Strength of tooth: Modern day materials match the strength of most metal crowns that used to be placed in mouth.
  • Protection and prevention: A non-metal filling of glass ionomer releases fluoride, which helps protect the tooth from further decay.
  • Less sensitive to changes due in temperature Metal fillings are more prone to toothaches because they are sensitive to heat and cold. Metal-free fillings, on the other hand, will be less sensitive.


Are all fillings metal?

Most metal dental fillings are stable alloy made with mercury, silver, tin, copper, and other metals.

Why are amalgam fillings bad?

With the advent if safer and stronger materials today, there is no reason to use amalgam as a filling substitute.

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