New Teeth In One Day

New Teeth in One Day

Tired of wearing dentures? Are your teeth too broken-down to chew your food? Get Beautiful, Fixed-In Replacement Teeth with


What is the procedure for new teeth on the same day?

New teeth on the same day exist and are very much possible. Extracting the tooth and inserting a dental implant and placing a brand-new tooth immediately can happen in a day. Also, it is possible to take out a whole bunch of contaminated teeth, insert four to six dental implants and attach a whole set of brand-new teeth to them on the same day.

Advantages of New Teeth in One Day

Preserving the jawbone: Teeth in a Day dental implants improve the declining condition of jaw structures. They also help stimulate and preserve jawbone density and leave a positive effect on the appearance or fullness of the face.

Maintaining facial features: Dental implants are a perfect solution to preserving your facial structure and preventing drastic changes to your appearance. In addition, flashing a full set of white, natural-looking teeth can instantly make you look younger.

Chewing without restrictions: Dentists may recommend a soft diet during the first few weeks after getting dental implants. But your new teeth will provide full chewing capacity once the mouth completely heals.


Are yellow teeth permanent?

Brushing, flossing and regular dental visits can remove yellow plaque build-up, but without regular care, plaque can permanently stain your teeth.

Why are my teeth so yellow even though I brush them?

Even with daily brushing, certain foods and drinks can cause stained teeth. For example, frequently drinking coffee, tea, wine and smoking cigarettes can all lead to yellow teeth.

What is the colour of healthy teeth?

Perfectly healthy teeth are off-white, yellowish or even brownish.

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