Pain-free Laser Dentistry


Pain-free laser dentistry

Many people are afraid of going to the dentist when many dental procedures require anesthesia injections, stitches, and lots of recovery time. Fortunately, with the advancement of dentistry, Bonita Family Dental is making dental visits less painful and comfortable. Laser dental treatment in Chula Vista is a fast and effective method that uses heat and light to perform a wide variety of dental procedures.

Laser dentistry works with an intense beam of light energy to perform detailed dental procedures. The treatment allows dentists to eliminate decay in teeth, painlessly cut or vaporize tissue on contact, and remove the soft tissue from gums. In this advanced procedure, there is less blood loss because the high-energy light beam burns as it works.

This also reduces the recovery times and the need for painkillers. Laser dental cleaning also prevents bacterial infections by disinfecting the area and minimizing damage to the surrounding tissues.

What makes laser dentistry painless?

The new in town, high-energy light technology is less intrusive than conventional dental procedures. The treatment eliminates the extensive use of drills and blades thereby reducing the risk of painful bacterial infections and the need for anesthesia. Biopsies and cavity fillings are made painless with laser dentistry. All procedures are performed with accuracy to protect the surrounding tissues and gums, and there is no need for stitches.

Facts about painless treatments using laser dentistry

  • It reduces the need for anesthetics
  • Blood loss is reduced
  • Minimal damage to the surrounding tissues
  • Procedures that normally require stitches often do not when laser dental treatment is used
  • The chances of bacterial infection are lowered, since the laser sterilizes the area being worked in


Does laser mouth surgery hurt?

Laser dental treatment is nearly pain-free. Generally, dentists use a local anesthetic to keep the patients at ease during the procedure.

What should you eat after laser gum treatment?

For the first week after laser gum treatment, we recommend a diet of soft foods, such as eggs, pasta, fruit juices, yogurt, ice cream, or mashed potatoes. You should also avoid spicy and crunchy foods and small seeds. Avoid chewing anywhere the laser was used.

Is laser treatment necessary for deep cleaning?

A laser uses light energy to gradually break up the plaque and tartar. When a deep cleaning is performed using a laser there is minimal swelling, minimal discomfort, minimal to no bleeding, and a much quicker recovery time.

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