Why Choose Us

Reasons Why Choose Us

Your one stop solution for all your dental needs

We are the longest-established and most-reputable dental practice in the South County (over 40 years), offering an end-to-end solution to third-generation patients from the same families. We take care of all your Preventative, Restorative, Cosmetic, Endodontic, Periodontic and Surgical needs, without the need to go to different offices/providers. We are confident in the quality of our work and warranty everything performed at our office, as long as the patient keeps up with their periodic care and exams.

Best technology and resources
At Bonita Family Dental, we use the latest that technology has to offer, in ways that would help our patients and the outcomes they expect, like

a) 3D imaging: To see things that would normally not show in a 2D image, to better understand bone structure and its surrounding areas.
b) CAD/CAM technology: The CEREC machine can help scan, fabricate and bake a crown all in under 2 hours, thus making a single visit restoration a practical alternative.
c) Intra-Oral scanners: Intra Oral scanners provide a very fast and accurate representation of the teeth and the overlaying enamel, making caries detection easy to visualize, thus building a foundation for preventative care. It also provides digital impressions for restorations like crowns and Inlays/Onlays, that are far more accurate than the old technique that used trays and making molds of your teeth.

Experienced and caring doctors and staff

Our doctors are highly competent/regarded and have been working and teaching in the dental community for many years. But most important of all, they are here to provide you the best care.

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Our staff is ready to answer all of your questions.